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I'm Morgan, a nomadic, nature-loving, shape-shifting, Piscean writer, mother, & 5Rhythms dancer

At the end of November 2017, I went from being a single working mother of 8 years to being that almost-unheard of species, an "alternate weekend mom", when my 10-year-old, Lego-loving son elected to live with his father. I followed my long-dormant wanderlust from a conventional urban rental situation to living in a van with my partner, travelling around the UK as we explore sacred sites and alternative communities, spend time in nature and connect with earth magic. Looking for "home" and having a lot of fun along the way. And yes, we did start this entire journey in the deepest winter. It's now growing into a memoir following my experiences with nomadic, simple (often scruffy) living, conscious intimate relationship, healing through nature and spontaneity, and the emotional rollercoaster of transitioning from full-time single-motherhood to part-time mothering. You can follow my winding path through my blog as I share photos & excerpts from the book-in-progress.

Words said

On my first book, "Wild Motherhood":

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