August 17, 2018

Word Sculpting Services

As a copywriter, proofreader and editor, my experience includes a Senior Copywriter position for business consultancy Business Uplift and a spot on the team of journalist-founded copywriting outfit Rin Hamburgh & Co (an ongoing position), as well as projects for a wide variety of freelance clients.

A lifelong voracious reader with an academic and research background, I combine a strong intuitive grasp of what reads well with solid marketing knowledge from my experience in the corporate sector. Whether you need help with an essay, article, book, website, or blog, I can help you to hone your message so it reaches the people you want to connect with most, bringing your voice powerfully and clearly into the world.

I am available for commissions and short-term contracts and offer special rates for small businesses. I am particularly interested in working with artists or artistic organisations, entrepreneurs, and those who work in the fields of mental health, psychology/wellness, and holistic therapists. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Here’s what former clients have to say (you can also follow the links to see examples of my work):

This is really, really great stuff, Morgan. You are like a person who sculpts amazing images out of rough-looking wood. I think the service and work you have done for me and continued to do has been fantastic. You have given me confidence to take things forward.

Jean Hammond, sacred drumming and mask-making workshop facilitator who I helped with blog posts, web content and workshop plans.

I recently hired Morgan to do the copywriting for my website on a very tight deadline for a big launch – not only was she incredibly efficient smashing all the deadlines but she added loads of unexpected value from a content and sales perspective and dealing with her was an absolute delight.

David Stone, healer.

Working with Morgan was an absolute pleasure. She made making my website an enjoyable and fun experience. She was open to feedback and was very efficient in crafting the wording till it was just right. I would recommend her work to anyone but especially if you are just starting out she makes it easy and manageable. Go for it.

Janine Hayward, holistic therapist.

You are so good at identifying big themes and helping to bring them forward. Your feedback is incredibly helpful, not just for this essay, but also for the larger book. You have produced a whole new wave of thinking about the piece and I am very grateful. Thank you also for being so supportive and enthusiastic.

Meghan Leborious, writer.

Working with Morgan was really inspiring and also very easy. She is knowledgable, relaxed, and very professional. I was really happy with the quality of her proof reading and she supported me to edit my work in a way that kept it really true to what I was wanting to express, but more concisely. I found her guidance to support me with my business promotion on Facebook really helpful and encouraging. I can really recommend her.

Jill Kettle, group facilitator, doula, massage therapist, acupuncturist.

Working with Morgan was an amazing experience. I went to her as a copywriter for my website and flyers, to introduce both of my businesses. I am more of a visual person and I feel I struggle with words, and it’s so hard sometimes to present what you do yourself in a way that shows off your best qualities. For Morgan, this is her craft and her profession. So she was able to turn my ramblings into something coherent, articulate and yet still in my voice. What she had written was me, only better. She was able to listen to what I said about my business (asking pertinent questions to help me express myself clearly) and came back to me a few days later with copy that was in my voice and what I wanted to say, only, it really was like someone had waved magic over it. It sounded like me, but at my best and most articulate. She wove my vision into words. I am very happy with the whole experience and I would recommend her work highly.

Moyra Scott, productivity consultant and art journalling teacher.

Finding Morgan was like finding water in a desert. I had procrastinated, doubted, written and re-written the text for my web site and I was not happy. She took all my notes and structured and made it pretty and coherent. As a photographer, I needed an objective view on my text and some guidance and support. People think you need to have a massive job for it to be really important to use a copywriter. I use Morgan for big things like the text for Artists statement to checking through application forms, etc… I love her flexibility: no job too small. I am so glad I have found someone I can trust to look over, correct and bring her creative insight to the written aspect of my life so I can focus on my talent and not feel stressed by having to do it all.

Annabelle Nicoll, landscape photographer

I am truly honoured to have had my editing completed by Morgan. I have met her on many occasions and have been struck by her presence and integrity; this shines through in the work that she produces and how she communicates. She has been editing a really important piece for me. It had some complex emotional content which she met head on. Her editing supported me in improving not only the technical grammar but also providing some invaluable improvements on the tone and flow of the piece. In addition, her work was reasonable, completed quickly and with a high degree of professionalism.

Karen Pike, parenting consultant.

Morgan is both a talented writer and an excellent editor. If you’re looking for an editor, Morgan is professional, intelligent and efficient. She also offers a special rate for small businesses which makes her editing services particularly accessible. If you find yourself in need of an editor, I’d happily recommend Morgan.

Roberta Verdant, intuitive readings.

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