Spirit Horse Community: Mythical & Human

August, 2018 Wild Eyes On the 30-mile drive to the nearest supermarket after 6 days at Spirit Horse, Volt says to me, “People seem to get these wild eyes after they’ve been here for a while. Like, a little crazy. I’ve seen it in Rebecca and Mark, and now Ben has it too.” I laugh. Read more about Spirit Horse Community: Mythical & Human[…]

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Rainbow Gathering: A Semi-Anarchic Utopia

When I was 13, my best friend and I, both unpopular “nerds” at school, used to pretend we were hippies from the 60’s. We dressed up in bell-bottoms and scavenged items from our mothers’ wardrobes – not realising that the rainbow-coloured dresses were, in fact, 80’s “retro” fashion – adorning ourselves with lots of beads Read more about Rainbow Gathering: A Semi-Anarchic Utopia[…]