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Solstice: Unknotting at Stonehenge in my first winter as a vandweller

Crusty hippy travellers, rainbow children, ‘The Druid Word’, my own empty nest … & finding my place of belonging in the stones As my new book develops, I’m now starting to share some extracts in the form of my stories from the past year of being on the road. Here is one from Winter Solstice last year, not long after I first moved into the van. Read more about Solstice: Unknotting at Stonehenge in my first winter as a vandweller[…]

“We are crazy now”: Do you have what it takes to live in a van (especially with another person)?

For nearly a year, and until 10 days ago (where I am now is for the next blog post!), I have been living in a converted Luton van with my partner, Volt, travelling around England and Wales. Reactions from friends and acquaintances when I announced my change of lifestyle varied from “Oh, no, that’s awful” Read more about “We are crazy now”: Do you have what it takes to live in a van (especially with another person)?[…]

Spirit Horse Community: Mythical & Human

August, 2018 Wild Eyes On the 30-mile drive to the nearest supermarket after 6 days at Spirit Horse, Volt says to me, “People seem to get these wild eyes after they’ve been here for a while. Like, a little crazy. I’ve seen it in Rebecca and Mark, and now Ben has it too.” I laugh. Read more about Spirit Horse Community: Mythical & Human[…]

On the brink of new adventures? (Video post)

A chance to get my hands in the soil? Before … and after …  This video was taken with me inside the hollow of a special tree at Cadbury Castle Iron Age Hill Fort, which I first visited back in February on our 6-week winter roadtrip around the West Country. Re-tracing our steps feels revealing! So Read more about On the brink of new adventures? (Video post)[…]

Finding Home: My South Africa Trip

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T.S Eliot 14 years ago, I left my home in South Africa to walk a pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago in Spain, that I felt absolutely Read more about Finding Home: My South Africa Trip[…]

Osho Leela Community: Freedom & Structure

As summer has unfolded, my explorations of the many hues of community life have continued, with the van as my base. Sometimes, the distances I’ve travelled to have meant longer periods away from my son, which has been hard. But I’ve been discovering so much about myself and life, which enriches our time together when Read more about Osho Leela Community: Freedom & Structure[…]

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Rainbow Gathering: A Semi-Anarchic Utopia

When I was 13, my best friend and I, both unpopular “nerds” at school, used to pretend we were hippies from the 60’s. We dressed up in bell-bottoms and scavenged items from our mothers’ wardrobes – not realising that the rainbow-coloured dresses were, in fact, 80’s “retro” fashion – adorning ourselves with lots of beads Read more about Rainbow Gathering: A Semi-Anarchic Utopia[…]

Spring Medicine: Hanging out in the gaps (Video post)

  I made this video a couple of days ago in the woods at Stonehenge, where we’ve been parked up for the Spring Equinox celebrations. I’d been sitting in the uncomfortable-ness of not actively travelling and exploring new places in the van but simply living in it, now that our West Country explorations have ended. Read more about Spring Medicine: Hanging out in the gaps (Video post)[…]