March 30, 2018

Wild Motherhood

‘Wild Motherhood’ is a state of being in which a woman can access and enjoy all of herself, outside of the stereotype of what a mother should be. My book, “Wild Motherhood: Tending the Fire of your Creative Spirit“, is a report from the front lines of motherhood, as women navigate the space in which family responsibility and self- actualisation compete and converge.

• Hear the real voices of mothers talking about their dilemmas, struggles and triumphs as they continue to engage with their creativity and soul life.
• Based on interviews with 22 mothers from a variety of creative fields, spiritual beliefs and family circumstances.
• Includes deeply personal revelations from my own diary extracts.

‘Wild Motherhood’ celebrates mothering itself as a creative act, and the gifts of motherhood to women’s personal development. Be inspired by the resourcefulness, versatility and strength of mothers as they adapt to the huge changes in their lives.

“I am really touched and inspired by reading your book on Wild Motherhood, it really is an amazing support to read such honesty and to gain a tremendous source of comfort and inspiration.” – Caroline Macauley

“It’s brilliant. A great exploration of what it means to be a wild mother and the practical ways we all strive to reach it. Inspiring! I’ve been making time to incorporate creativity with my toddler already and be only been reading on and off for two days. Thank you. It’s the little kick I needed to redefine this guilt laden role that is “motherhood” my own way. Can’t put it down!” – Michelle Morgan, mother-of-two and artist.

“Brutally honest and beautifully written” – Sara-Mae Tuson, author, former Editor of “Trespass” and “The London Miscellany”.

“A deep journey into the shadow and unspoken lives of mothers. I celebrate your determined effort to speak the unspoken” – Catherine Lee.

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wild motherhood manifesto

Wild Motherhood Manifesto

As Wild Mothers We…

… Make space for our playful, creative impulses.

… Are REAL, messy, and gloriously imperfect. We create our own vision of a ‘good enough mother’, learning as we go along.

… Create an environment where we can flourish & grow, filled with sustenance from inside & outside.

… Give ourselves permission to experience and explore all our emotions.

… Get excited as we go on Voyages of Discovery with our Inner Creator, Spiritual Seeker, Wanderer, and Playful Child.

… Share our Wild Creativity and Deep Soulfulness with our children in ways we could never have imagined.

“Light the Fire of your Creative Spirit” is a practical E-Course that takes the concepts of the “Wild Motherhood” book and brings them to life, supporting you to to access more creativity, meaning and authenticity as you clear the blocks to what keeps you from expressing and connecting with yourself. To find out more about it, go here.